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Music Literacy
for Musical Theatre

Are you a musical theatre professional who wants to learn to read music

or improve your sight singing skills? 


Triple Threat Theory has got you covered!

What is Music Literacy?

Music literacy is the ability to read and write musical notation.


For singers, this includes the ability to sing and express music on sight, without the aid of an instrument. This aspect of music literacy is often called "sight singing," and

it is a challenging but entirely learnable skill. 

who is it for?

Music literacy is an important and empowering tool that offers a competitive advantage to anyone in the musical theatre industry.

Whether you're a singer, director, choreographer, or writer, music literacy provides

deeper understanding of written scores,

greater variety in artistic choices, and

smoother communication with musical collaborators.

Not to mention, it makes you easier to work with and easier to rehire.

Why Private Lessons?

Just like any other language, music requires consistent practice in order to gain fluency. 

That's why private, online lessons are so powerful! They allow for

structured weekly practice,

individualized instruction taken at the student's pace, and

low-stakes learning free from the pressure of a group class.

And all sessions are specifically geared towards the practical application of academic knowledge.

Each time we meet, we'll combine theoretical discussion with guided practice so you can see how each concept is applied. You're also welcome to bring in music you'd like to work on at any time.

Where do I sign up?

If you're interested in scheduling a first session, you can fill out the contact form here:



I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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